Extracts from some nineteenth-century directories covering the city of Rochester and its environs.

It needs to be borne in mind that the numbering used in these directories for houses and shops in the High Street is not the current numbering. The old numbering did not just differ in detail: the whole scheme of it was different. Starting from the bridge, the numbers ran eastward along the north side of the High Street, as far as a point beyond Star Hill. Crossing the road, they then ran westward along the south side of the High Street, all the way back to the bridge. (In both directions, the numbering covered the houses and shops in Eastgate.) I do not know when this numbering originated, but it existed already in the 1820s, and was disrupted here and there by subsequent building projects – especially in the 1850s, with the construction of the approach to the new bridge. The new numbering was introduced in the 1890s. On the north side of the High Street the old numbers were replaced by odd numbers running in the same direction. On the south side, the old numbers were replaced by even numbers running in the opposite direction. I hope that makes it clear.